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Solve for "Why" - The Beginning of ethostrategies

I am thrilled to announce today as Day 1 in the life of my new company, ethostrategies.  I’ve come to this day after months (actually, years) of consideration, and ultimately feel like the time is right to venture out and create a resource for companies that will empower them to do more good in the world.

I am a firm believer in Simon Sinek’s TED talk, “Start with Why”, which is why I intend to build my business around this very simple idea: Your business - no matter the size - is not driven by WHAT you do, but by WHY you do it.  Your employees don’t just want to come to work to do their jobs.  They want to come to work because they are a part of a movement.  A clearly articulated “why” is what will get your employees out of bed and fired up to come to the office every day, and connecting your employees with a strategic social mission is an integral part of a genuine and meaningful “why”.

In the world of corporate social responsibility (CSR), writing a big check or holding one big service day per year is simply no longer enough.  Employees, customers, and investors are asking for more: CSR programming that is integrated, strategic, and deeply personal.  When a company effectively creates meaningful CSR programming, their “why” becomes that much more alive and actionable.  Working at Constant Contact for the past six years, I felt great coming to work because I knew we were doing everything in our power to make our customers and their communities more successful.  Our “why” got me started and kept me engaged every day.

The ethostrategies model is simple: Find those companies that are not only offering incredible products and services, but are also primed to build out a strategic CSR program that connects all of their key stakeholders, particularly their employees.  My vision with ethostrategies is a world where companies of ALL sizes have CSR programs, not for PR purposes or to offset some negative externality, but because they recognize the deep connection between social impact, an engaged workforce and a loyal customer base.

Just here in Boston, we are seeing extraordinary growth with new companies sprouting up every day that have the power and the mindset to truly change the world.  At ethostrategies, we will find those companies, harness their energy, and empower them to use their powers for good.

Join us in the movement.  Starting with “Why”, and starting… now.